Did you know? The Big Bang Theory Actress, Kaley, Has Worked With Friends In Fame Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco were the main characters in two of the most popular sitcoms. Fans have loved both The Big Bang Theory and Friends a lot over the years, and it’s clear that these two actresses are very well-known because of their shows. But did you know that these two women worked together in a movie? Isn’t it strange to hear this? Well, most fans were surprised to hear it from Kaley Cuoco herself about the first time she met a Friends star. Read on to find out more about this fun story.


Digital Spy says that one of Kaley Cuoco’s first roles was in a movie with Jennifer Aniston. Cuoco, an actor in The Big Bang Theory, talked about how she met Aniston for the first time when they were both working on the movie Picture Perfect in the 1990s.


The actress posted a picture of herself on Instagram next to a poster for the 1997 movie she saw at work. “The first day we performed on our new stages, I walked to my dressing room, and right outside my door was a poster for what movie? “Picture Perfect with @jenniferaniston,” started Kaley Cuoco. Not many people know this, but this was one of the first “parts” I played as a child. When I saw the film, they had cut my one strand, but all I recall is spending the whole day trying to convince myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. At that time, “Friends” was my whole life. Kaley added


“You never know where life will take you or whose life you will touch along the way,” Kaley said. “She was a rock to me then and now (and to everyone she knows). It’s fun to see this full-circle moment. ” Read her post below. This isn’t the first time Kaley Cuoco has talked about how much she likes Jennifer Aniston. Last year, she said she wanted the Friends actress to make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory. Well, fans would love to see these actresses in another movie, wouldn’t they?

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